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How to Make Aestethic PowerPoint Design [ FREE TEMPLATE ]

How to Make Aestethic PowerPoint Design [ FREE TEMPLATE ]-"Aesthetics" is not just a style of design, it's a way of life. In aesthetics there is room

How to Make Aestethic PowerPoint Design

Shows often get a bad rap, for good reason. We've all seen those endless words in poorly designed PowerPoint presentations, which completely defeat the purpose of the presentation. So what's the difference between a good and a bad show? 

Content and design. While your words may be perfect, the images you present can make or break your message. Whether you're using presentations, PowerPoint, keynotes, or good old PDFs, these 11 tips will help you create effective presentations that get your point across.

"Aesthetics" is not just a style of design, it's a way of life. In aesthetics there is room for all styles, vintage style or old style, and Sliestech we like it all! Explore the beautiful world with our Google Slides and PowerPoint templates.

1) Submit the product powerpoint

Using the slide theme included in your software is the death of presentation. They are overused, boring, and generally pretty. Create a clean presentation by starting with a clean presentation and building from there.

2) Do not use more than 6 lines of text 

powerpoint_good_bad Consolidating too much information into a slide will completely defeat its purpose. Remember: the audience usually processes everything you say when they watch the slide.

3) Remove the pages 

Too many presentations are insane. No one will remember 10 bullet points, but they will remember 10 exciting slides. Use each slide to build your case and slowly tell your story. (Think of your slide show as an outline of what you're talking about.) Try to communicate one idea per slide.

4) Use Sans Serif fonts 

With text, favors reading rather than pleasure. Although you can use natural fonts for slide titles, avoid using them for body text. Instead, stick to traditional typefaces like clean Helvetica. And if you use a dark circle, make the text bold for readability.

5) Arrange the letters correctly 

You are probably creating your presentation on a laptop and it will be very different in size from the final presentation screen. When arranging your letters, keep in mind that the text should be large enough for someone in the back of the house to read.

6) Keep a strong contrast between text and background 

To make your message stand out, you need a large contrast between your text and the background. If your background image has a lot of contrast, some parts of your text may not be readable. In this case, a colorful bar behind the image can bring back reading and add visual interest. 7) Do not use more than 5 colors 

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An interactive palette can easily improve the look of your entire presentation. There is no need for complex gradients or textures here; you can get good results with the right color. Use an app like Adobe's Kuler or a site like COLOURLovers to choose the right options.

8) Use different text colors to attract attention 

  It's like bold and italic, only better. Use one color from the selected palette to emphasize important points in your text. However, be careful not to overdo it. 9) Use unique images 

 Images help make your presentation more visual, but don't load it with too many images on one slide. It's a show, not a photo album. Limit your design to one image with clear text or no text.

10) Use visuals to make it look better 

Visual Display 10Visuals is here to help support your message; they can improve understanding, retention and generate emotional responses that increase impact. Use strong visuals to get your point across.






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